About Us


I’m Reni, the hobby chef behind healthyfoodstop.com. I love to cook and I believe that food is happiness that needs to be shared. Preparing delicious and quality food is a pleasure and shows caring for us and all with whom we share it. Delicous food could creates a lot of comfort and unforgettable moments.

Two years ago I put myself under a lot pressure in my daily life and soon this led to serious health problems. This made me think about changing my lifestyle and completely rethink my attitude towards food. I have been avoiding animal products for more than 2 years now and I dare say I feel very good. For me, this is not just another diet, but has become a way of life and I believe that there are many more wonderful flavors and recipes to discover.

I want to share with you my culinary world full of very tasty recipes, interesting facts and topics related to food, as well as many positive emotions.

Welcome to Healthy Food Stop!

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